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  • Collectively bringing together the UK’s leading technical experts, to demonstrate the benefits of Radar Technology for safer highways.
  • Improving vehicle detection and classification through radar technology.

During late-January 2022, DriverAssist.Tech was approached by the National Highways to organise a radar technology demo day with a core focus on demonstrating how new radar technology can help improve highway safety.

The initial premise arose for vehicle target experts in ADAS testing, Moshon Data and traffic management vehicle specialist Acklea, to demonstrate the importance of having a RadViz© radar reflector fitted to fleet management vehicles.

DriverAssist.Tech took this opportunity to bring together their wider network consortium of businesses who work directly in the radar and fleet management industry, to organise an even bigger, better, and worthwhile demo day.

Leaders within the radar and fleet management industry were Acklea, Moshon Data, Innovative Safety Systems, King Highway, Dr Air-Brake and R4DAR Technologies.

Dr Air-Brake says: “Great day and massive thanks to DriverAssist.Tech, Steve Boyle and Blakedale LTD for the assistance in making the day a success.“

The Radar Demo Day was well attended on Wednesday 9th March 2022, at Upper Heyford Airfield, Oxfordshire.

Visitors were enthusiastic to network, learn and experience the impact of radar technology firsthand.

DriverAssist.ME who also exhibited at the event, provided live driver experience and training for those who attended. This involved taking drivers step-by-step through the Automatic Emergency Braking Safety (AEBS) feature on a Volvo C90 and driving against a soft vehicle and pedestrian target that has radar technology built in. Vehicles equipped with AEBS technology such as Camera (vision), Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging), and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), are considered the very bedrock of future vehicle autonomy.

Product Principle, Andrew Ballard at LexisNexis Risk Solutions says: “This was a great event. I learned a lot about the key differences with what & how we humans see compared to radar / LiDAR & cameras. I did not appreciate the issues with Hi-Viz markings but was reassured to see some great work and collaboration taking place. I am pleased to be part of it.”

Acklea also demonstrated AEBS in action, using the 18T IPV with Scorpion crash cushion and RadViz© radar reflector fitted, driving against a Flex-Moshon towing system with EuroNCAP vehicle target.

Managing Director Steve Boyle at Moshon data says: “It is not just human vision we have to consider but how new sensor technologies see objects. Having a RadViz© fitted, can improve vehicle detection and classification, and thus prevent the possibility of a collision."

Technical Director at Innovative Safety Systems, Chris Waller stated: “We were delighted to be invited to exhibit at the radar awareness day, which provided an excellent opportunity to meet with safety focused fleet operators and discuss the challenges they face. Our safety technology and compliance solutions were really well received by delegates, particularly our auto-braking reverse radar and the Fleetclear cloud-based monitoring platform."

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback and demand for demonstration days, DriverAssist.Tech is currently considering another event in the near future.

Coming soon – Part 2 of press release detailing exhibitor profiles.

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Moshon Data 

Innovative Safety Systems 

King Highway 

Dr Air-Brake 

R4DAR Technologies 


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