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  • Strategic partnership formed between DriverAssist.ME and TyreSafe.
  • Raising awareness of the effects poor tyre maintenance has on the performance of Autonomous vehicle technology.

DriverAssist.ME and TyreSafe forms new partnership after an analysis between the corporations was conducted that underlined the severe importance of carrying out tyre maintenance checks for optimal performance of modern vehicle lifesaving technologies.

TyreSafe and DriverAssist.ME share a common goal of providing the most useful and engaging educational experiences for road safety. Steering towards valuable ideas that promote safer driving, our cognitive collaboration will be heavily focused on providing valuable knowledge and resources that illustrate why poor tyre maintenance can affect the performance of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Whilst we understand that ADAS features such as Auto Emergency Braking (AEB) can significantly reduce road collisions by intervening if the driver is distracted or late to respond to the vehicle's warning, these features are only one part of the safety equation. The effectiveness of these technologies can be compromised if the vehicle's tyres are either underinflated or overinflated, below the minimum tread depth or damaged.

Consideration of maintenance practices for checking tyre pressure, tread depth, and overall tyre condition can be done in 4 simple steps.

Safety checks:

  • 20p test - Current UK law states that tyre tread on cars must be at a minimum of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tread, around its entire circumference. This can easily checked with the use of a 20p coin.


  • Tyre condition - Tyres are in constant contact with the road and as such they suffer a lot of wear and tear, even if you drive carefully. This is why it’s vital that drivers keep an eye on the condition of their vehicle's tyres.


  • Tyre pressure – Correct tyre pressure is important to ensure drivers are safe on the road. If the tyres are under or over-inflated then handling and grip will worsen, potentially causing irregular or unpredictable car behaviour.


  • Tyre tread depth – The tread depth should be checked regularly to ensure that they’re above the legal minimum. The treads are designed to keep the tyre in contact with the road, maintaining a good grip even in wet weather. Drivers should be aware that the depth of water increases less grip therefore consideration to reducing speed according to the wet weather is advisable.


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Should these checks be missed, the vehicle will have a delayed stopping distance, thus resulting in a fatal collision not being avoided despite ADAS being activated.

For the latest updates and detailed information about DriverAssist and TyreSafe, including their partnership and ongoing campaigns, follow their official website or social media channels. They often collaborate with various stakeholders in the automotive industry and government organizations to promote road safety.

Stuart Lovatt TyreSafe Chair says; "We ask that vehicle owners use our simple message and ACT now. All it takes, is a simple check of your Air pressure and follow the vehicle's manufacturer's recommended pressures, the Condition of the tyre, look for any cracks or signs of damage and of course ensure that you check the tread to ensure that you are within the minimum Tread depth allowed for your vehicle."


Managing Director and Chief Trainer at DriverAssist.ME Steve Boyle says “Maintaining important tyre safety checks is in fact critical to the performance of vehicle safety features like Auto Emergency Braking (AEB). DriverAssist.ME believes driver training and education on ADAS features will improve road safety and encourage better driving behaviours, correct vehicle checks, and awareness.”


Who is TyreSafe?

TyreSafe is a UK-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of tyre safety and proper tyre maintenance. They work to educate drivers, businesses, and organizations on the significance of well-maintained tyres in ensuring road safety.


Who is DriverAssist.ME?

DriverAssist.ME is a B2B business that organises live driver experience and training events and courses aimed at helping the end-user to understand ADAS features and confidently use them in the real world.

We can turn an empty space into a realistic driving scene to give you the full driver experience, while taking you through all the different ADAS features.





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