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  • Important vehicle checks are critical for optimal performance of advanced vehicle safety features.
  • Insight into key vehicle checks to stay safe on the road.

While advanced driver assistance systems like Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) can significantly improve vehicle safety, they are only one part of the safety equation. The effectiveness of these technologies can be compromised if the vehicle is not equipped with safe tyres.

Tyres play a crucial role in vehicle safety because they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. Here are a few reasons why safe tyres are essential:

Traction: Safe tyres provide the necessary grip on the road, especially in adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, or ice. Without proper traction, AEB systems may not be able to stop the vehicle in time to avoid a collision.

Handling: Tyres affect a vehicle's handling and stability. Bald or worn-out tyres can lead to poor handling, making it more challenging for the driver or AEB system to maintain control in emergency situations.

Braking Distance: Tyres with good tread depth can help reduce braking distance. AEB systems rely on the vehicle's ability to decelerate quickly, and worn-out tyres may increase the distance required to come to a stop.

Tyre Blowouts: Worn or damaged tyres are more prone to blowouts, which can result in loss of control and accidents. AEB systems may not be able to prevent such incidents if the tyre failure is sudden.

Cornering and Manoeuvrability: Safe tyres enable better cornering and manoeuvrability, which can be crucial in avoiding obstacles or navigating through traffic.

To ensure optimal safety, it's essential for vehicle owners to regularly inspect and maintain their tyres. This includes checking tyre pressure, monitoring tread depth, and replacing tyres when they become worn or damaged. Proper tyre maintenance not only enhances the effectiveness of AEB technology but also contributes to overall road safety. Safe driving practices, regular vehicle maintenance, and responsible tyre care are all essential components of a comprehensive approach to road safety.

Managing Director and Chief Trainer at DriverAssist.ME, Steve Boyle says “Maintaining important tyre safety checks is in fact critical to the performance of vehicle safety features like Auto Emergency Braking (AEB). DriverAssist.ME believes driver training and education on ADAS features will improve road safety and encourage better driving behaviours, correct vehicle checks, and awareness.”

Stuart Lovatt TyreSafe Chair says; "Tyres are the only part of the vehicle that grip the roads. It is essential for optimum performance that drivers undertake regular checks. We ask that vehicle owners use our simple message and ACT now. Check your Air pressure and follow the vehicle's manufacturer's recommended pressures, check the Condition of the tyre, look for any cracks or signs of damage and of course ensure that you check the tread to ensure that you are within the minimum Tread depth allowed for your vehicle."

Who is TyreSafe?

TyreSafe is a UK-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of tyre safety and proper tyre maintenance. They work to educate drivers, businesses, and organizations on the significance of well-maintained tyres in ensuring road safety.

Who is DriverAssist.ME?

DriverAssist.ME is a B2B business that organises live driver experience and training events and courses aimed at helping the end-user to understand ADAS features and confidently use them in the real world.

We can turn an empty space into a realistic driving scene to give you the full driver experience, while taking you through all the different ADAS features.

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