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  • Improving road-related risks through training and experiences
  • Delivering the Driving For Better Business message
  • Improving driver safety and awareness of Active Safety features

DriverAssist.ME is now recognised as an official Delivery Partner with Driving for Better Business (DFBB); the Government-backed National Highways programme aimed at helping employers to reduce work-related road risks.

National Highways Driving for Better Business lead, Anne-Marie Penny said, "partnering with DriverAssist.ME is a great opportunity to help organisations to better understand Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and how they can be used to improve the safety of those who drive for work and other road users. Driving for Better Business and DriverAssist.ME share the view that safe driving is no accident! Working together everyone can get home safe and well."

As modern-day vehicles are equipped with revolutionary safety technology such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), DFBB, and DriverAssist.ME is collaboratively spreading the message to help businesses work towards evaluating safer and more responsible driving practices.

The ADAS Knowledge Hub suggests, “ADAS technologies have the potential to prevent 20,841 deaths per year, or about 62% of total traffic deaths".


DFBB state, “statistically, 50 to 60 people will be seriously injured, many with life-changing injuries. But they’re not statistics. That’s 5 families devastated.”

A shared strategy to prevent death and serious injury from road crashes could significantly reduce this.

Managing Director & Chief Trainer at DriverAssist.ME, Steve Boyle says, “Learning and understanding the capabilities of ADAS technology is critical to the roadmap to vision zero. We help drivers to learn and experience each application and to witness the advantages of having an additional safety backup should we require it. These systems can identify potential safety risks and take corrective action to prevent accidents.”

Working with businesses worldwide, DriverAssist.ME trains employees on how to confidently use ADAS technology in a realistic driving scene that is safe thus protecting the driver and vehicles used. Using a wide range of Moshon Data soft targets such as cars, motorbikes, scooters, vulnerable road users, animals, junctions, shops, walls, kerbs etc. DriverAssist.ME can create multiple driving scenarios for all commercial vehicle types including cars, fleet vehicles, trucks and much more.

Marketing and Business Strategist at DriverAssist.ME, Taran Rayat says, “By partnering with the DFBB, we aim to reach a wider audience and help businesses of all sizes improve their driver safety practices through our advanced driver assistance training and experience packages."




Further Reading

About Driving For Better Business:

DFBB is a government-backed National Highways programme that aims to help employers in the private and public sectors reduce work-related road risk. Also working in collaboration with DFBB is RoadSafe.


About DriverAssist.ME:

DriverAssist.ME is an Oxfordshire-based company that was established by its parent company Moshon Data who has over 17 years of experience within the ADAS testing world. Using this knowledge and wealth of industry experience, DriverAssist.ME focuses solely on b2b driver training and experience days to improve driver behaviour, safety and awareness of the safety technology available.

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