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While many businesses are at the forefront of AEB test and development, little is said about the operability of working, fully developed ADAS functionality on cars as they roll off the production line. This is an area that Moshon Data feels urgently needs addressing and is often overlooked.

Already, esteemed car manufacturers have discovered serious sensor failures in the field in large volumes resulting in large scale recalls. Recalls that could have been prevented had a simple operability test been carried out at the end of the production line to a basic version of the ISO 19206-1:2018 AEB test specification.

Drawing on many years of experience in AEB data collection, Moshon Data has developed the new MD-Han’i basic AEB test System, specifically designed to address the challenge of quickly testing a vehicle to GSR UN 152 and achieve a PASS/FAIL condition. 

Data in under 5 minutes is possible from approaching the car with the test kit, to producing 5 sample tests with basic PASS/FAIL results.

Moshon Data believe that this simple product will revolutionise end of line production test facilities; reducing the need for recalls and make ADAS failures in the field a thing of the past.

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