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  • Passive Safety UK and DriverAssist.Tech join hands to demonstrate the benefits of vehicle safety technology to improve highway safety.
  • Live crash and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) demonstrations taking place throughout the day.
  • Meet the leading UK vehicle safety suppliers.

DriverAssist.Tech and Passive Safety UK join arms with the foresight to promote Active Safety and Passive Safety technology, thus improving our highways.

On 6th July 2022 Passive Safety UK will be holding a FREE to attend event, the National Passive Safety Crash Demonstration Day where DriverAssist.Tech has organised an ‘Active Safety Zone’ for industry suppliers to demonstrate radar and AEBS technology.

The event will consist of live crash demonstrations throughout the day as well as Automatic Emergency Braking AEB and radar demonstrations.

The first of its kind, leaders from both sides of vehicle safety testing will be present at the Darley Moor Racing Circuit.

Event organiser at Passive Safety UK, Andy Pledge says, “This event is intended to help end-users to understand how passive safety products perform in a variety of different scenarios so that the best use can be made of the most appropriate solutions.” 

“Collaboration between those providing different road safety solutions (e.g., active safety and passive safety systems) is fundamental in ensuring that innovation in both the vehicle design and the road design are complementary, rather than acting against each other. This is why we have teamed up with DriverAssist.Tech and Moshon Data – experts in delivering active safety solutions – to deliver complimentary active demonstrations at the event”.

Managing Director at DriverAssist.Tech and Moshon Data, Steve Boyle says, “The demo day is a great opportunity to witness active safety technology that can prevent accidents from happening. It’s also a chance to understand how passive safety features can minimise the chance of death and serious injury in instances where an accident is unavoidable.”

DriverAssist.Tech confirms participants demonstrating in the Active Safety Zone will comprise of the UK’s leading suppliers for ADAS and Autonomous radar technology.

To register, complete the registration form here. 

When: 6th July 2022

Time: 10am

Where: Darley Moor Racing Circuit, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Agenda: Crash demonstrations commencing periodically throughout the day.

Active Safety demonstrations taking place in between the crash demonstrations.

Demonstrating a range of vehicle safety technology products at the Active Safety Zone are:


Moshon Data Ltd

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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