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The understanding of ADAS in India is significantly lower than in European countries. A survey taken by McKinsey suggests 4500 buyers had a lack of awareness about ADAS technologies in late 2020 and its impact on road safety and preventing road collisions. The study also highlights that the re-purchase rates were as high as 87-89% for buyers who bought a vehicle with ADAS features.

Ramanathan Sirinivasan, business owner of Automotive Test Systems (ATS India) explains, ‘Whether cruise control, park assist functions or highway pilot – we can no longer imagine our cars without advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It can influence the acceleration, braking, and steering of the vehicle in automated mode. With visual, acoustic, or haptic alerts, they support and relieve drivers before and during critical traffic situations, improve the safety of occupants and increase their comfort’.

ATS worked closely with the organisers of the NuGen Mobility Summit to demonstrate ADAS systems to the Indian Government. In a bid to improve road safety in India, ATS gathered the world leading ADAS test equipment manufacturers such as Moshon Data, Oxford Technical Solution and ABDynamics for the NuGen Mobility Summit demonstration.

As a result of that demonstration, interest in ADAS technology in India has increased and more and more manufacturers are looking into integrating ADAS technology into their vehicles.

Senior minister of transport Nitin Gadkari also took a keen interest in the demonstration and is now in direct contact with ATS to learn more.

Ramanathan at ATS continues to further develop ADAS functionality, promote its benefits and raise awareness of ADAS features in vehicles in India.

Automotive Test Systems

Automotive Test Systems

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